The poo view

What do you know about por­tu­ge­se foot­ball play­ers? I hard­ly know any­thing, I have to admit. I’m a bit inte­rested in natio­nal foot­ball, but when it comes to foot­ball in for­eign sta­tes – no that does not seem inte­res­ting to me.

But thanks God we have twit­ter. Twit­ter breaks down tho­se walls of your on world and opens up new views to the world.

And so you come up to know things about por­tu­ge­se foot­ball play­ers. And here comes infor­ma­ti­on you will defi­ni­te­ly keep in mind:

What do por­tu­ge­se foot­ball play­ers do in Veni­ce? They live in expen­si­ve hotels, let others shoot pics of them and… well, just have a look for yours­elf:


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