The bed wrestling

Some peop­le actual­ly think there’s not­hing bet­ter than waking up not alo­ne. I guess more girls than boys think this and more peop­le not being in a rela­ti­ons­hip than peop­le in a rela­ti­ons­hip. And I fear I could reg­ret wri­ting what I just wro­te soon.

But howe­ver — that situa­ti­on is well known for most peop­le. They ques­ti­on is more often how to get up if the other one still sleeps. At least it is one for boys. You could get pro­blems if you do it too har­sh­ly. Girls are sel­dom the actors or direc­tors of romance, but they remain its hig­hest juris­dic­tion — any time.

So may­be you’re mis­sing the time when you got up alo­ne for the instant of a moment: Me and the world star­ting at almost the same time for ano­t­her fight of life. May­be you got things to do your partner’s not invol­ved in. May­be that’s not your part­ner in your arms and you want to lea­ve that place silent­ly.

A situa­ti­on worth being twee­ted:

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