Zach Braff’s day in Vienna

Und so kam’s dazu:

Dear Fri­ends,
For tho­se of you that don’t know, I held a con­test when I reached 1 mil­li­on fri­ends on here. I said I’d visit and spend the day with who­me­ver sub­mit­ted the best 30 second video about what we’d do if I came to visit you in your home town.
I nar­ro­wed it down to 10 sub­mis­si­ons and tho­se of you who voted by “liking” the video cho­se 3 won­der­ful chaps from Vien­na, Aus­tria. I had an ama­zing day visi­ting the­se guys and am almost done editing an 8 minu­te video of our day toge­ther fea­turing a score by Cary Bro­thers and a new song by Joshua Radin. I hope you will like it. I’m aiming to post it here on Wed­nes­day. All my best,

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