The cover

I didn’t wri­te any­thing into this cate­go­ry for almost 2½ years. In a way I thought the inter­net and the soci­al net­works would grow up and pos­tings that fit into this cate­go­ry would vanish. I was wrong. What actual­ly chan­ges is that peop­le aren’t asha­med of their utte­rings no mat­ter how ridi­cu­lus they are as open state­ments.


Using as a feed reader

I like it when I do under­stand some­thing. Well who doesn’t? But actual­ly I tend to think that things that I don’t under­stand on the inter­net keep on get­ting more and more.

When Dave Winer wro­te that could be usead as a feed reader I got the idea in an instant, alt­hough I had an account for month without using it.

I can’t see that it could be as important as the Goog­le Reader and I don’t see me using more inten­si­ve­ly. But who knows what will be in 2016? So meet me the­re.


The toilet accident

The­re are weeks and mon­ths without new TMI-tweets. And often it’s becau­se tweets are some­ti­mes inten­tio­nal­ly inde­s­cre­te which makes the thought of them not authen­ti­cal. Some­ti­mes it’s dif­fe­rent:


Die haarige Angelegenheit

Nichts Mensch­li­ches soll­te einem fremd sein, doch Damen­bart ist nicht jedem son­der­lich unbe­fremd­lich. Und das, obwohl er der­einst ein­mal ein Inbe­griff femi­ni­ner Selbst­be­stim­mung gewe­sen ist.

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