The scent listener

Some peop­le are qui­te atten­ti­ve what goes on in their envi­ron­ment. This is a fine beha­viour whene­ver you’re in need of someo­ne to reco­gni­ze you’re fee­ling bad or you’re want to utter some­thing important. But get­ting too used to that kind of beha­viour can make a freak out of you. Some­ti­mes you should spe­cial things bet­ter let go. There’s no win in obser­ving them over a lon­ger peri­od of time. And it’s not worth tel­ling:

Chrisoph Salzig

[engl. Thin walls wit­hin this hotel: Someo­ne just far­ted next door. Haven’t heard it, but I can smell it. #semi­per­me­ab­le]

But pr_ip is not the only one to regis­ter farts near­by. And it’s not only humans that farts are worth tal­king about. There’s an Office Chair infor­ming twit­ter about the out­co­me of its sea­ters:

The Office Chair