The solitary friend

Having fri­ends is one of the finest things a man can have. You can have vic­to­ries, but tho­se need to be cele­bra­ted with fri­ends to beco­me real vic­to­ries. Some­ti­mes you need a fri­end just to remind you of cele­bra­ting life:

Par­ty on, Garth!
- Par­ty on, Way­ne!

There’s a vita­li­ty in having and being a fri­end that’s very much dif­fe­rent from just kno­wing peop­le.

On the other hand: Fri­ends accept your stran­gest cha­rac­te­ris­tics. Fri­ends do see your inner natu­re even when your life seems to be a mess to yours­elf.

That’s what fri­ends are for.


NOT fol­lo­wers:


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