The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side

Ame­ri­cans still have fun in pran­king tho­se reli­gious tv shows:

The who­le text:

I was born in West Phil­adel­phia and also rai­sed the­re. I spent most of my days play­ing bas­ket­ball on a play­ground — but also chil­ling out and rela­xing. But then one day a coup­le of guys who were up to no good star­ting making trou­ble in my living area. I ended up get­ting into a fight, which ter­ri­fied my mother. As a result she sent me away from West Phil­adel­phia to the most peace­ful area of Bel Air to live with my Aun­tie. On my jour­ney to Bel Air, I whist­led for a cab but it was noti­ca­ble that the cab dri­ver was not licen­sed. I igno­red my con­cerns and told him to make has­te to Bel Air. We arri­ved at the hou­se some time bet­ween seven and eight pm and I was glad to see the back of the cab dri­ver. I loo­ked at the hou­se and I was very impres­sed with the qua­li­ty of living that my aun­tie pos­ses­sed. I rea­li­sed that I could get used to this life­style.

Howe­ver, wha­te­ver was mis­sing in my life when I lived in West Phil­adel­phia was still the­re. I felt no hap­pier, alt­hough ever­y­thing was indi­ca­ting that I should. My aun­tie took me to church that sunday. I hadn’t been for several years. And I had a won­der­ful chat with so many beaut­fi­ul peop­le. For the first time in my life I felt com­ple­te. I was final­ly the­re. To sit next to Jesus on his thro­ne as the prince of hea­ven.

God Bless,

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