The unforseen app

The ipho­ne has chan­ged the world. The users of the iPho­ne think that’s posi­ti­ve, the not-users don’t care, think it’s an over­si­zed toy or wish to have one. The iPho­ne makes you con­cen­tra­te on that elec­tro­nik thing all day, other­wi­se it wouldn’t be use­ful.

You can buy with it, sleep with it, read with it, tra­vel with it, you can bind your neck­tie, track your weight with it and lot’s more.

The world gets rich­ter with the iPho­ne. You can see dai­ly what unfor­se­en things the iPho­ne makes hap­pen — it’s unbe­liev­a­ble:

Things would be dif­fe­rent without the per­ma­nent use of iPho­nes, don’t you think?

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