The spring fever

The­re should be some kind of spring out­side right about now. But cli­ma­te chan­ge ruins our fee­lings of sea­sons as well. In some pla­ces the snow just came back over the wee­kend, alt­hough peop­le were real­ly pre­pa­red for the win­ter com­ing to an end.

Spring fever was inde­ed on of tho­se fee­lings that had to do with the wea­ther. But in some way you we’re also accusto­med that it came out to a spe­ci­fic time of year.

Do we have to chan­ce our sen­su­al accli­ma­tiza­ti­on due to cli­ma­te chan­ge? At least for some this is a dif­fi­cult time:

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