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  • Alt­kanz­ler: Kohl steht zu Äuße­run­gen über Tür­ken — Süddeutsche.de — … die besagt, dass er 1982 die Zahl der in Deutsch­land leben­den Tür­ken hal­bie­ren woll­te.
  • Jona­than Har­ris: Data Will Help Us — … see the world as it is, but will it help us see the world as it could be?
  • Post-Scarcity Eco­no­mics | Los Ange­les Review of Books­Los Ange­les Review of Books — It is a para­dox: our ever-growing pro­duc­tivi­ty and our more inse­cu­re lives. Our under­stan­ding of eco­no­mics is stuck in the past, in a world of scar­ci­ty, a world without adver­ti­sing, whe­re making things rather than sel­ling them was the fun­da­men­tal eco­no­mic pro­blem. Tech­no­lo­gy and the free enter­pri­se sys­tem, to an extent that would ama­ze our ances­tors, have sol­ved much of the pro­blem of sup­ply. Our homes are more solid, our clo­thes more fashion­ab­le, our food tas­tier than our grand­par­ents would have drea­med. In a world whe­re even the resi­dents of hou­sing pro­jects own more com­pu­ting power than NASA did when they put a man on the moon, we can­not think that making stuff is the pro­blem.

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