Lesezeichen vom 22. Dezember 2014

  • Pro­se­cu­te Tor­tu­rers and Their Bos­ses — NYTimes.com “Star­ting a cri­mi­nal inves­ti­ga­ti­on is not about payback; it is about ensu­ring that this never hap­pens again and regai­ning the moral credi­bi­li­ty to rebu­ke tor­tu­re by other governments. Becau­se of the Senate’s report, we now know the distan­ce offi­ci­als in the exe­cu­ti­ve branch went to ratio­na­li­ze, and con­ce­al, the cri­mes they wan­ted to com­mit. The ques­ti­on is whe­ther the nati­on will stand by and allow the per­pe­tra­tors of tor­tu­re to have per­pe­tu­al immu­ni­ty for their actions.”

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